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  Timeless Tradition

Transcript: The story is universal and different in its sameness… It could be the eastern 10 ox herding wood prints symbolizing the metaphorical journey of spiritual awakening. Or, it could be the western Hero’s Journey with dragons to slay and maidens to rescue. It could even be modern fantasy such as the movies Star Wars, Brave, the Matrix, and countless others. All evolve around the individual becoming self-aware and then cultivating the power to change circumstances in the external world.

Why do we as individuals suffer? I find it interesting to reflect upon the 5 reasons why humans suffer as outlined by Deepak Chopra in his book Power, Freedom & Grace:

  1. Not knowing who we are
  2. Identifying with our ego or self-image
  3. Clinging to that which is transient and unreal
  4. Recoiling in fear of that which is transient and unreal
  5. The fear of death

According to Chopra, all of the causes of suffering are contained in the first cause. We suffer because we do not know who we are… Some say the suffering is compounded by the fact that we do not have indisputable evidence regarding these three points:

  1. We don’t know the origin of human life (there are various theories ranging from evolution to creation, but these are all just theories that require faith as we cannot apply scientific observation to any of them).
  2. We don’t know if we are alone in the universe - or multiverse according to some theories. Nor do we know if humans the highest form of intelligent life.
  3. We don’t objectively know what happens after death. There are plenty of theories, but again we cannot apply scientific observation to any of them and peak beyond the great curtain of mortality.

Culturally, you may be aware that there is a difference between Eastern and Western psychology and spirituality that we will explore in greater detail later in Breakthrough U. In the East, escaping the confines of one’s body is the goal. Conversely, in the West, empowering one’s body is the goal unless you adhere to a death religion. The East focuses upon the collective and the West has traditionally focused upon the individual. There are sociological and philosophical arguments that support the emphasis of the collective over the individual and conversely the individual’s supremacy over the collective. At a species level that is not concerned with individual motivations, the human collective is focused upon one aspect: survival.

This mob rule focus is paradoxically chaotic and controllable through the oldest methods known to humankind: fear, shame and guilt. However, I believe that each generation experiences what might very well be Avatars - men and women who embody humanity and certain principles that leave a mark in time with their presence. I do not claim to say that they are perfect, but they are perhaps divinely touched .