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  Mandala - Centering

What you see in the video below is actually more than pretty lights, it is a geometric representation of the numbers 1-10 in 3D. Some theorize these are the building blocks of creation. You can use this video as a format for centering and grounding.

Instructions: Envision yourself at the center of this structure as it evolves.

Using headphones, listen to the music player below as it contains Delta brainwave frequencies that will enhance your meditative experience. This practice is about you cultivating an internal space and silencing your monkey mind.This audio contains specific brainwave entrainment frequencies designed to slow your brainwaves to a rate that has been scientifically associated with states of deep meditation. Every minute is marked by the sound of a bell.

Instructions: Close your ideas and focus upon inhaling for 6 seconds and exhaling for 6 seconds through the center of your heart.