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  Module 1.4 - Preparation for the Journey

"[Self] is a fluid and changing gestalt, a process, but at any given moment it is a specific entity." - Carl Rogers

Identity: for most people, the culmination of their past failures.

Preparation for the Journey

The Star of Bethlehem by Edward Burne-Jones

Participation Mystique

"The moment a child first says 'I' marks an important step on the road to self-realization, because it records the initial break between himself and the infantile identity with all creation into which every new babe is born. This magical phase of identification with all nature is sometimes referred to more poetically as participation mystique." (S. Nichols, Jung and the Tarot, p. 113)

Re-framing Fear, Shame and Guilt

I believe that a core component of your future purpose is found at the heart of your childhood daydreams. That inner poetry originates from a reservoir deep within that is endless. Metaphorically, I feel it is no coincidence that the shaming of little Pinkie (Roger Waters?) resulted years later in the formation of one of the most famous rock bands in history. The deepest wounds give you your greatest power when you process through the hurt to uncover the gold within…

Beginning the Inner Journey requires non-traditional approaches...

The Mindscape of Alan Moore (specific marker 2:30 to 3:00 minutes)

Men Living with Meaning is going to take you into nontraditional and misunderstood fields. I do not ask that you readily accept such things as the Truth, because I do not know that I fully do myself, but rather to simply try on different perspectives; a new lens to peer into an unknown paradigm. Some individuals, like Alan Moore, play with the flexibility of perception and paradigm, and this is what the cutting edge of discovery demands. You don't have to become an eccentric character like Moore, but you can be yourself... the paradox.

From Survival to Significance...

The 4 Stages of Growth

The 4 Stages of Growth by Brian Buffini - a real estate industry trainer. According to Buffini, in the real estate profession (and I would say in life in general) most people begin in a survival mode and only by changing their habits, can they move into a stability mode. From here, by changing their mindsets they can shift into a success mode, and later by changing their heart (what I interpreted to mean their values and principles) could they experience the significance mode.

By the time we complete the 3rd Module, I hope to have you out of survival mode regarding your emotions. By the end of the 6th module, I want you to be experiencing stability in your relationships with men and women. By the 8th module, I want you on your way to success, and by the 10th module I want you focused upon your significance. Now these are probably unachievable goals to reach within 10 months, but I’m looking further out. My goal isn’t to have you involved in MLM for only 10 months, I want you to participate for the rest of your life because this program will continue to evolve and you can peel back the onion layer by layer...


  • Use the "Internal Silence" 5 Minute Audio from Module 1.1
  • Listen to the Audio Assignment
  • Complete the Written Assignments in Your Journal

Audio Assignment

Journal Assignment

  1. How does one become a man? What are your immediate thoughts?
  2. What is your identity? What immediately comes to mind?
  3. What is your personality? What immediately comes to mind?
  4. In what ways are you a fully functioning person as defined by Carl Rogers? In which ways are you not…?